Aqua vis


Intelligent Water Metering made Simple

Patented technology and method that utilizes MEMS to correlate precise water flow throughout an entire network.

Easy Installation

Connect the AQUA VIS to any piping in the household. No need for professional plumbing. Our patented tech makes installation easy. Simply tighten the MEMS bracket to the pipe, tighten a single bolt and connect the main housing. Connect your phone or computer over WIFI. Done.

Software that Learns

Our proprietary software can distinguish between what and when is consuming water within the household. Most importantly the AQUA VIS detects leaks with industry leading speed, ensuring no drop of water goes to waste. 

Fits ½ , ¾ & 1 inch diameter pipes

Works with PVC, Metal & Vinyl

No Plumbing Work Needed

IoT Ready

No Moving Parts

Turnkey Solution under $100